Clean Out Your Closet – even the Skeletons

White Line Waste
Here at White Line Waste, sometimes dumpsters surprise us when we go to pick up from a customer’s location. Our dumpsters have been overfull, damaged, or moved by a customer to another location without notifying us. This happens from time to time, in spite of our best efforts, but the stories are worth it.  Maybe this skeletons story will spook you this season!   Once we received a dumpster filled with mannequins — a completely legal thing to throw away in a dumpster, but still so eery when left in a pile at the dump. We wish we had pictures…     In the spirit of all things spooky and Halloween, however, we remember a customer that couldn’t bear to let their collection of skeletons waste away in the closet during a cleanout project in preparation for a move.   white line waste skeleton dumpsterThey decided to decorate! They posed skeletons in their front yard, on the “For Sale” sign, and crawling up their dumpster in the driveway. Even gave them elegant, ghostly names.


Meet Pearl and Louis

white line waste skeletons There’s no telling what the neighbors must have thought, but since our customers were moving, they probably didn’t care much.     Creeping out your neighbors can have more of an advantage than just a good laugh. It may only reduce the risk of one of the most frustrating issues plaguing dumpster rentals, illegal dumping.     Not everyone is as savvy as our customers are about getting rid of junk. Perhaps, some people don’t understand that dumpsters must be rented, and paid for, by someone else who will also be responsible for any fines received. It’s important to know that throwing things out in a dumpster that you have not been given permission to use is illegal. It can cause some real, and possibly costly, problems for the renter.   It can be hard to keep unwanted “dumpers” away, but Pearl and Louis’ owners found a creative way to creep them out and keep them out!