Your First Dumpster Rental

White Line Waste
Renting your first open top construction dumpster can be an intimidating process, so familiarizing yourself with what to expect makes for an easy and smooth rental. By understanding both your project and material type, your first dumpster rental can be stress free!

Project Type

Big projects need big dumpsters, and determining the type of project you are taking on will help determine the right match for you. Your First Dumpster Rental Below are the most common types of projects that require a dumpster:
  • Clean out
    • You’re tired of tunneling through years of junk in your garage/shop, and you finally decide to clean it out on a grand scale.
  • Move out  
    • You’re moving to a different location, but no longer wish to transport everything you’ve accumulated over the years.
  • Estate cleanup
    • Aging relatives are moving to assisted living or have passed away, and now decades worth of stuff needs cleaning out.
  • Remodel
    • Getting your house ready for HGTV
  • New Home build
    • Starting from scratch is usually a long process that requires more than one dumpster.
  • Re-Roofing
    • Tearing off old roofing material then replacing with new.
  • Demolition
    • Removing part or all of an entire structure.

Material Type

After establishing the project type, you can better understand the kinds of material that you will need to dispose of. Material type has an enormous impact on the final weight of your dumpster. The weights and volumes on this list can help to determine the size of dumpster you will need. Evaluating your project and material type will better prepare you for your initial conversation with the dumpster company representative. They will help you determine the right size for your first rental. However, you should also be aware if there is still a chance your load will exceed the dumpster weight allowance. Each company has their own list of things that cannot be placed in a dumpster. Check your project for any unacceptable items. If you have any materials that cannot be thrown away in the dumpster, make arrangements for proper disposal. If you are on a tight budget or crunched for time, consider space saving techniques. Utilizing alternative ways to dispose of materials can drastically decrease the load of waste going into your dumpster. Smaller dumpsters come with lower prices, therefore, reducing the cost of your first dumpster rental.

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